samedi 21 novembre 2009

Au-Delà De L'Avenue D

Réedition du livre de Philippe Marcadé, "Au-Delà De L'Avenue D", chez Camion Blanc!
A acheter les yeux bondés!

Disponible ici

Été 1972, un jeune Français de dix-sept ans débarque aux États-Unis pour l’un de ces trips alors en vogue, sous la double influence de Kerouac et de Easy Rider. Par cette traversée initiatique et joyeusement enfumée, semée d’embûches tragicomiques, Philippe Marcadé démarre en trombe un récit vertigineux, uniquement fondé sur des souvenirs dont quelques autres moins modestes auraient façonné une légende. À la fois aux premières loges et dans la coulisse, il va vivre en dix ans l’équivalent de dix vies. Hippie sans conviction mais punk de la première seconde, Philippe Marcadé passerait aisément pour un mythomane hors catégorie si les photos qui accompagnent son témoignage n’en validaient l’authenticité, et surtout si la vérité du vécu ne palpitait autant sous chacune des anecdotes de première main qui bourgeonnent à chaque chapitre de son livre. Sans parler du casting, la plupart du temps vue sous un angle inédit. Jugez plutôt : des New York Dolls à Blondie, de Nan Goldin aux Ramones, de Nancy Spungen aux Cramps, il est de tous les baptêmes, témoin des effusions comme des (nombreuses) embrouilles, à l’origine parfois de certaines d’entre-elles. Philippe Marcadé est allé « au-delà », il en est revenu entier, et lorsqu’on dévore son témoignage, on se demande encore comment.
-Christophe Conte (Les Inrockuptibles)

mercredi 14 octobre 2009

Chris Kenner - I Like It Like That

Need a real shot of rhythm & blues? For those who don't know this talented singer, you're missing a part of music history.
Christopher Kenner, born in 1929, in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner, Louisiana, is firstly remembered for performing one hit single called "I Like It Like That", but his notoriety was a bit underrated for his other recordings. Though the man recorded on Imperial Records, knew well Dave Bartholomew (Fats Domino's producer) and saw his songs covered by many soul/r'n'b popular artists ("Land Of 1000 Dances" covered by Wilson Pickett & Rufus Thomas, and "Something You Got" covered by Them Feat. Van Morrison), he remains nowadays unknown by a major part of people.
Musically, Chris Kenner can be really close to Ernie K-Doe, and his tunes make you feel like groovin' & seducin' a little go-go girl, if you know what I mean :-)

CD Rip @320k

1 - I Like It Like That
2 - Anybody Here Seen My baby
3 - Shoo-Rah
4 - Johnny Little
5 - Gonna Getcha Baby
6 - Never Reach Perfection
7 - Something You Got
8 - That's My Girl
9 - Land Of 1000 Dances
10 - She Can Dance
11 - Come Back And See
12 - How Far
13 - Time
14 - All Night Rambler
15 - Packing Up
16 - (I Found) Peace

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mardi 25 août 2009

The Phantom - Love Me

Line-Up :
Jerry Lott (The Phantom) - Vocals
Frank Holmes - Electric Guitar
Pete McCord - Bass Guitar
H.H. Brooks - Drums
Bill Yates - Piano

Recorded in 1958 at Gulf Coast Studio, Mobile, Alabama.
Master: MB 14019, Issued on Dot 16026.

Aaaarrrgh! Everyone who ever heard about The Phantom a.k.a. Jerry Lott must be very sick in his head! That record is not for soup music fans, it's for rock 'n rollers, people who can dig the magic of the 50's, Eddie Cochran, Charlie Feathers, Dale Hawkins, The Coasters, Sanford Clark, Mickey Hawks.. or even The Cramps (who were out of their time and contributed a lot in making known all those lost, dark & underground tunes).
Found this album thanks to Mean Gene, so have a look to his blog, there is more information about The Phantom, and you can download Jamie Coe's album which is compiled on the same vinyl :

01 - Love Me
02 - Plaything
03 - Too Much Rosita
04 - Tiger
05 - At The Hop
06 - Your Love's Got A Grip On Me
07 - Teenage Cutie
08 - Ever Since I Met Lucy
09 - Twice As Nice

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dimanche 16 août 2009

Bad Losers - Self-Titled LP

Vinyl rip

Line-up :
Kenny Silver - Lead vocals
Mr. T. Jones - Guitar, acid noises
N'Diago Pop - Guitar, guitar 12 strings, backing vocals, synthesizer
Lord Pearl - Bass, backing vocals
Sonny Slowdown - Drums, percussion

Produced by Dave Goodman
Released : 1986

This french glam-rock band is nowadays unfortunately unknown in the music industry, but we don't care because not many people digs rock 'n roll today. On this cover, they sure look like the NY Dolls or Hanoi Rocks, and that's not a coincidence with their music style. Don't take them for copycats or I'll kick your ass!
Many tunes could make you think of the Rolling Stones or Mott The Hoople riffs, and the guitar solos are really influenced by Johnny Thunders... and produced by Dave Goodman (the Sex Pistols sound-engineer) it's not necessarily a bad thing!
Come on guys, let's take a ride on main street, where the people are crazy but the things are emptyyy!!

01 - (Losers) On Main Street
02 - Illusion Of Love
03 - Not Anymore
04 - Evil Sacrifices
05 - Roy
06 - One Of The Boys
07 - Ann Arbor
08 - Prostitution

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vendredi 14 août 2009

Re-Up : The Senders - Do The Sender Thing

Hi folks!
I re-uploaded the Senders live album with a better sound quality (with no buzz this time!).
Here's the link :

Dum Dum Boys - Nothing Means Nothing

Vinyl rip

Here's the first & rare LP of the french Dum Dum Boys, issued in 1988 on Closer Records. This is definitely my fav' DDB album, one of the most raws & rock 'n roll, ideal for a trip party. If you dig the Stooges, the Velvet Underground or the Spacemen 3, get on with it!

01 - Right Away
02 - Fallin' Down
03 - Rave Up!
04 - Sound Of Confusion
05 - Uptight
06 - No Man's Land
07 - Nothing Means Nothing

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dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Gang War - Street Fighting

Line-up :
Johnny Thunders - guitar
Wayne Kramer - guitar & vocals
Bobby Thomas - bass
John Morgan - drums

Tracks 1-12: Rock City Montreal, Dec. 28, 1979
Tracks 13-17: Channel Club, Boston June 20, 1980

This record is from far one of the best Johnny T.'s performances I've ever listened to, and of course Wayne Kramer is responsible for that too! The sound is correct, and the set really powerful. "Hey Thanks" is my favorite one.

01 - Ramblin' Rose
02 - London Boys
03 - These Boots Are Made For Walking
04 - M.I.A.
05 - The Harder They Come
06 - Endless Party
07 - I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys
08 - I'll Go Crazy
09 - Hey Thanks
10 - The Courageous Cat
11 - Just Because I'm White/Bright Lights Big City
12 - Around & Around
13 - The Harder They Come
14 - Ten Commandments Of Love
15 - Like A Rolling Stone
16 - Endless Party
17 - Do You Love Me

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mardi 23 juin 2009

Neil Innes & The World - Lucky Planet

Line-Up :
Neil Innes - Lead vocals, guitar, piano
Dennis Cowan - Bass, guitar, vocals
Ian Wallace - Drums, vocals
Roger McKew - Lead guitar
Guest on track 2 : "Bubbles" White - Lead guitar

Produced by Neil Innes

What does a Bonzo do when his world crashes around him? Answer: build a new one.

And Neil Innes, one time pianist, writer and singer with the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band has taken the plunge and formed his own group.

Nobody's mourned the passing of the Bonzos more than the group. But its demise seemed inevitable when they did not get the recognition they felt four years hard work deserved. It left high and dry a bunch of personalities with individual talents who were used to working together, in however loose a fashion. In some cases, their present whereabouts and activities are a bit of a mystery. Saxist Rodney Slater is believed to have given up the music business and has taken to social work. Legs Larry Smith produced a record which flopped, and was last seen loudly hailing taxis in London's Wardour Street.

Roger Spear, the ace explosions and machines man has gone out on the road with his own successful and hilarious one man show The Giant Kinetic Wardrobe.

One of the most positive steps for the future has been taken by Neil and bassist Dennis Cowan., They have formed a group simply called THE WORLD, have released a single called "Angelina" and plan an LP release called "Lucky Planet" on November 6.

All the material has been written by Neil and the music ranged from rock to pure pop. Naturally some of the Bonzos flavour has been retained, and humour has not been entirely abandoned from their "live" act.

The line-up includes Neil (lead vocal, piano and guitar) Dennis Cowan (bass, guitar and vocals), Ian Wallace (drums, vocals), and Roger McKew (lead guitar).

Neil appeared in the MM's ale house, the Red Lion, this week, clutching a packet of Gold Flake "Honey Dew" cigarettes, and wearing an elderly sports jacket and a Volkswagen.

"We've played a few gigs so far." he revealed, "and they went down really well."

What led to the formation of the World? "When Vic (Viv Stanshall) got ill, I got a bit fed up. Dennis and Ian Wallace and myself were free, so we thought of forming our own group.

It was all surprisingly easy. We got Roger McKew and we got together last May and started to rehearse. We're signed to Liberty, but we are also free to record with who we like.

It's funny, we didn't know how it would turn out, but we are all pleased with the band, and I'm sure it will go from strength to strength, although it's early days yet.

"I haven't really changed in my song-writing style. I write about the same sort of things really., Some of the songs have Bonzo titles like '95 Pollution Blues.'* I was always interested in the things Vic did and I backed him up. I will still be dealing with images and outspoken ideas, but now I can get more into the music.

"The Bonzos were really individuals who were accidentally teamed up. It didn't break up through disagreements on policy, because we never had a policy. And it was not through personal reasons because we were closer friends at the end than we had been through the whole history of the band. We were just tired physically and mentally. We hadn't had a holiday in all the time the band was together. And we went through some heavy management scenes."

Did Neil feel personal regret at their passing? "Oh, enormous... incredible feeling of nostalgia. When Vic got ill we thought of reforming if it would have helped him in any way.

"He was silly really in that he went on with the Big Grunt right after the Bonzos, without a rest."

What is the significance of the title of Neil's new group - if any?

"Nothing in particular except that it means a 'whole' and not being particularly dogmatic about anything. The name could either have been the 'Strawberry Armpit' type or joke names like 'The Thousand Guitars Of Vernon Motion.' Vernon Motion was the performing parlour snake of the "Thirties you read about in the Sunday colour supplements. It's perfectly true!

"We hope the band will sound fresh and our stage act isn't a heavy moody thing."

What was the LP called?

"Lucky Planet."

Lucky hairnet?

"Yes, that'll do! I've always been the quiet spoken member of the group. I got the title from the Evening Standard horoscope. Today - Jupiter is your Lucky Planet!

"I'd like the group to be Overground rather than Underground. Nothing would please me more than to get into the chart. Not for the money - but to get the recognition. I just hope people accept the World as guys who can play their instruments and are trying to get something across.

(Chris Welch, Melody Maker)

1 - Angelina
2 - Come Out In The Open
3 - Not The First Time
4 - Sail Away
5 - 9-5 Pollution Blues
6 - Lead Us
7 - Things I Could Have Said
8 - Come Out In The Open (Version 2)
9 - Godzilla's Return

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vendredi 29 mai 2009

Greedy Bastards - Live @ Trokson, 2008

Line-Up :
Little Big Ian - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Louis Lemounaud - Guitar
Malcolm "Comio" Rebourg - Bass, Vocals
Noël Kay - Drums

Je tenais à faire découvrir ce groupe Lyonnais si peu connu, qui est le mien, et pour qui la musique est intemporelle. Les Greedy Bastards, c'est avant tout un long parcours, depuis le lycée, jusqu'à un changement de formation (deux guitaristes actuellement, et Noël Kay, batteur de Slaughter & The Dogs). Ce live (quoique un peu trash) a été enregistré au bar le Trokson à Lyon, le 6 décembre 2008.
Vous retrouverez un set de reprises de groupes que nous respectons pour l'amour du rock 'n roll, tels que Johnny Thunders, The Senders, Flamin' Groovies ou encore Tony Truant.
Tous les avis sont les bienvenus!

Les Greedy Bastards donneront leur dernier concert le samedi 6 juin au Trokson à Lyon. Don't miss it!

1 - Night Owl Blues
2 - Doctor Boogie
3 - Little Bit Of Whore
4 - You Really Piss Me Off
5 - Personality Crisis
6 - Second Cousin
7 - Let Go
8 - Baby Talk
9 - Part Time Love
10 - Road House
11 - Devil Shootin' Dice
12 - The Bitch
13 - J'ai Pris Du Speed
14 - Born To Lose

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mercredi 20 mai 2009

Downtown Soulville!

Here's a fabulous compilation with a bunch of old obscure soul bands that might have been forgotten. Makes you wanna twist, shake and dance all night long!

1 - Carl Holmes & The Commanders - Soul Dance No. 3
2 - Lewis Clark - Dog (Ain't A Man's Best Friend)
3 - Art Grayson & The Graysettes - Better Hush
4 - Weston Prim - Get That Feelin'
5 - Lonnie Youngblood - African Twist, Pt. 1
6 - Johnny Sayles - Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love)
7 - Bobby Sax - Sock It
8 - Ted Taylor - Daddy's Baby
9 - Derek Martin - Daddy Rollin' Stone
10 - Little Daddy Walton & Son - Gitin It With Soul
11 - Floyd Smith - Soul Strut
12 - Eddy 'G.' Giles - Soul Feeling, Pt. 2
13 - Chuck Edwards - Downtown Soulville
14 - Leon Haywood - It's The Last Time
15 - Little Richard - Baby Don't You Tear My Clothes
16 - Jesse Gee - Don't Mess With My Money
17 - Carl Holmes & The Commanders - Crossin' Over
18 - Jimmy Lynch - Notions Of Mr. Motions
19 - Billy Wade & The 3rd Degrees - Tear It Up, Pt. 1
20 - Tom Dooley & The Lovelights - Tight Rope
21 - Jimmy McQuade & The Unique Echos - Booga-Ka-Do
22 - Bobby Barnes - The Skate
23 - Carol Jones - Problem Child
24 - George Torrence & The Naturals - Licking Stick

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jeudi 7 mai 2009

SCUM - The Lost Tapes

Line-Up :
Wayne Barrett : Vocals
Noël Kay : Drums
Karim Mansour : Guitar
Zeus : Bass

A l'heure où Slaughter And The Dogs avaient déjà splitté et s'étaient reformés avec Morrissey au chant, le Manchester boy, Wayne Barrett, ne perdait pas son temps à se contenter de jouer qu'avec des anglais.. installé à Lyon dans les années 80, il monta alors un groupe de rock peu commun, dont les 3 autres membres provenant d'une formation jazz-rock ne sont d'autre que Noël Kay (batteur enragé de Slaughter And The Dogs, depuis la reformation du groupe fin 80's avec Wayne), Karim Mansour (guitariste underground très doué, avec un penchant pour Allan Holdsworth et Ollie Halsall) et Zeus (bassiste fan de Cheap Trick, à ce jour restaurateur). Imaginez une alliance entre ces 4 zikos, où le rock 'n roll, le jazz-rock et le hard-rock se mêlent.. ça donne un truc totalement bizarre et surprenant!
Ils vont même jusqu'à faire un hommage à George Benson, en reprenant "On Broadway", dont ils ont aussi fait un clip à Lyon.
Scum a partagé entre autres l'affiche avec Def Leppard, Richie Blackmoore, Trust, Téléphone, Iron Maiden ou encore Killing Joke.
Signés à l'époque chez Barclay, aucun album n'a jamais vu le jour, et c'est pour cela que je ressors d'une vieille flight case aux trésors tous leurs enregistrements à partir d'une cassette DAT. La cassette a très mal vieilli, le son est crade, les basses overdubent de temps en temps et la caisse claire sonne comme du chewing-gum, mais ça reste une bonne archive! Parmi mes préférées figurent "On Broadway", "Days Are Cold", "Wife Stealers", et "Open Range" une superbe ballade.
Do It Dog Style!

1 - On Broadway
2 - Days Are Cold
3 - I Don't Know Why
4 - Sinners Of All Kinds
5 - Wife Stealers
6 - City Slickers
7 - Ice Gin
8 - I Went Down
9 - Wild Colonal Boy
10 - All Night Long
11 - Life Is A Cancer
12 - Life Is Like A Deep Wishing Well
13 - Open Range

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vendredi 1 mai 2009

Dum Dum Boys - Real Cool Trash (7'')

Voici le 1er 45 tours des Dum Dum Boys niçois, Real Cool Trash, sorti en 1987. Si vous voulez profitez pleinement de cette très bonne ordure, installez vous confortablement sur votre siège, prenez de la drogue, une bouteille d'Absynthe, et peut-être que vous entendrez le 13ème apôtre vous révéler le sens de la vie.

1 - Real Cool Trash
2 - Point Of No Return

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dimanche 5 avril 2009

The Senders - Do The Sender Thing

Line-Up :
Philippe Marcadé - Vocals, Harmonica
Wild Bill Thompson - Guitar, B. Vocals
Little Moe Trucks - Drumming Circus
François Gehin - Bass, B. Vocals

Recorded by Tommy Victor
Mixed by the Senders and Gil at Baby Monster Studio, N.Y.C.

1 - Go
2 - No More Foolin'
3 - Devil Shooting Dice
4 - I Feel So Bad
5 - Little Rocker
6 - Don't Mind Me
7 - Just Don't
8 - Fat Face
9 - I'm A Stranger Here Myself
10 - Part Time Love
11 - Don't Make Me Mad

samedi 28 mars 2009

Hollywood Brats - Whatever Happened To The Hollywood Brats

Here's the second (and last album?) of the Hollywood Brats, a great one, but I didn't find any further information. There's still a lot of classical music mixed-up with rock 'n roll, especially in "Borgia Street". "She's Got Class" is one of my favorites, a fast & raw song with a lot of piano parts too.

1 - She's Got Class
2 - Little Ol' Wine Drinker
3 - Drive Mandino Drive
4 - Drowning Sorrows
5 - Suckin' On Suzie
6 - Red Leather
7 - Looking Through The Judas
8 - Trucker's Lament
9 - Borgia Street

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Hollywood Brats - Hollywood Brats

Line-up :
Andrew Matheson - Vocals, Acc. Guitar, Percussion
Casino Steel - Piano, Organ, Acc. Guitar, Vocals
Brady - Guitar, Vocals
Lou Sparks - Drums
Wayne Manor - Bass

In England 1972, the Hollywood Brats were shopping at thrift stores for huge platform boots, feather boas, women's blouses, applying tons of makeup and nail polish and banging out fast paced rockers. Meanwhile over the water The New York Dolls were doing the same. Of course the Dolls went down in history getting all the plaudits and a good record deal with Mercury before royally fucking up. The Brats however got nothing except a record deal with some Mafiosi care of Keith Moon who then refused to release their record. Unsurprisingly the Brats aren't well known except to the punk cognoscenti.
Though aware of the Dolls, the Brats didn't set out to copy them though bands had obvious similarities, visually and sonically. All the songs were written by Matheson and Steel, bar their cover of 'Then He Kissed Me'. In those days a man singing lyrics like those were outrageous.
With no takers The Brats signed the worst possible record deal and recorded an album in 1973. The LP was produced by Matheson and featured only one slow song, 'Drowning Sorrows'. which is a like the Stones doing 'Love In Vain'. The rest of the album was fast rockers. Also on the album was the pre punk classic 'Sick On You.'
(Zigzag No.82 March/April '78)

1 - Chez Maximes
2 - Another School Day
3 - Nightmare
4 - Empty Bottles
5 - Courtesan
6 - The He Kissed Me
7 - Tumble With Me
8 - Zurich 17
9 - Southern Belles
10 - Drowning Sorrows
11 - Sick On You

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The Raunch Hands - Learn To Whap-A-Dang

Line-Up :
Michael Chandler - vocals
Michael Tchang - guitar
Michael Mariconda - guitar
George Sulley - bass
Vince Brnicevic - drums

No matter how far rock music has strayed from its basic roots, there comes a time in every era and scene when audience attention rushes back to the pure and driving sounds of blues and rockabilly. This group came along at just such a time and place. No matter how rococo various private and underground clubs in New York City's East Village were, and no matter how far out some other bands were getting, the Raunch Hands brought back a roots approach that was well received, and extremely refreshing. Musically, there is nothing the least bit new in a single note played by this group. That apparently was the whole idea, but one of the attractive elements of the group is that it goes for the entertaining, goofy side of this style of music rather than trying to project the deadpan, ultra-serious image of roots rockers in plaid shirts. Live, the group went for cheap equipment and the type of ambience that has never been transferred successfully from the barroom to the recording studio, let alone to the larger venues that might be part of a band's upwardly mobile career path. Thus, the recorded legacy has to be taken as a distant second to the live experience of seeing this group on-stage. Learn to Whap-a-Dang With the Raunch Hands is, overall, one of the group's most consistent recorded efforts. The humorous cover art adds to the enjoyment of an album that rocks hard pretty much all the way through, not so much peaking in this highlight or that but providing nary a letdown, either. The rhythm section of bassist George Sulley and drummer Vince Brinicevic is excellent.
(Eugene Chadbourne)

1 - What Yer Doin'
2 - Getcha Some
3 - Chicken Scratch
4 - Blackjack
5 - Kangaroo Juice
6 - Thunderbird
7 - Whap-A-Dang
8 - Country Fair
9 - Exotic
10 - Is It True
11 - Chicken Of The Sea
12 - Upset Her

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lundi 16 mars 2009

Flamin' Groovies - Live In Bordeaux 1995

Line-Up : Chris Wilson : Guitar, Vocals / Daniel Jeanrenaud : Bass, Vocals / James Ferrell : Guitar / Danny Mihm : Drums

Voici une perle rare des Flamin' Groovies qui séduira tous les fans, un super bootleg live avec Daniel Jeanrenaud, chanteur-guitariste des Kingsnakes qui accompagne les anciens Groovies et ne se gêne pas à chanter dès que l'esprit Chuck Berry fait surface, tel que sur "No Particular Place To Go", "Georgette" ou "Married Woman".
Quant aux Groovies, j'imagine qu'ils ont dû foutre une dérouillée au public bordelais digne de se faire payer une caisse de vin rouge!
Keep on groovin' kids!

1 - Teenage Head
2 - 7 And 7 Is
3 - Stop Breakin' Down
4 - Shake Some Action
5 - Baby Please Don't Go
6 - Phantom Mover
7 - Down The Road Apiece
8 - Not Nice
9 - Milkcow Blues
10 - No Particular Place To Go
11 - Georgette
12 - Slow Death
13 - Jumpin' In The Night
14 - Married Woman/What A Thrill
15 - Jumpin' Jack Flash
16 - Roadhouse

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mercredi 11 février 2009

Jack Bon - Live And Acoustic

Enregistré en 2007 au Théâtre de la Citadelle-Bourg par G.G Millet
Mixé au Studio 8PM, Lyon Croix-Rousse.

Jack Bon fait partie de l'un des rares bluesmen français a avoir gardé de l'âme pour la passion du blues et continue constamment à jouer dans les environs lyonnais et en France, qu'il soit seul, avec le power trio Jack Bon Electric Combo ou donne des conférences "Blues Boom" dans les écoles. Ce prodige du blues et ex-guitariste/chanteur du groupe blues-rock Ganafoul, n'a pas dit son dernier mot, et nous replonge en arrière dans les champs de coton avec ce set de reprises dignes de réveiller John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson et Mississippi John Hurt de leurs tombes! Si vous êtes un amateur de blues, réveillez le diable qui est en vous.

1 - Statesboro Blues
2 - Don't Tear My Clothes
3 - Soul Of A Man
4 - Yicky Yicky Yeah
5 - Mad Man Blues
6 - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
7 - Hesitation Blues
8 - You Gotta Move
9 - Cross Road Blues
10 - Drown In My Own Tears
11 - Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee-O-Dee
12 - Malted Milk
13 - Police Dog Blues
14 - Rosalyn
15 - Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor/I'm Satisfied
16 - Bad Moon Rising
17 - Love In Vain
Bonus Tracks/Studio Demos :
18 - Mama Don't
19 - Trouble In Mind
20 - Catfish Blues

Aidez Jack à vivre de sa musique et achetez le cd autoproduit si le coeur vous en dit :

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lundi 9 février 2009

The Waldos - Rent Party

Line-Up : Walter Lure : Guitar, Vocals / Tony Coiro : Bass, Vocals / Joey Pinter : Guitar / Jeff West : Drums

(Also on Sons Of The Dolls blog)

The long awaited Waldos album proved to be a big success, at least artistically. Led by former Heartbreaker co-lead guitarist and co-lead singer Walter Lure, the Waldos tear through a set of tunes that are as much fun as a CD can have with its clothes on. Unfortunately the air of tragedy that surrounds Lure and the Waldos tempers the rock & roll good time. After threatening to put out an album for about six years, this platter finally arrived and exceeded expectations. Produced by Andy Shernoff (Dictators), this is a fully realized piece of work. For lack of a simpler description, think of it as the follow-up (over 15 years later) to the Heartbreakers' LAMF album. Unlike much of the Johnny Thunders solo work, though, this stays firmly in Heartbreakers territory. Rent Party has several "new" Walter Lures tunes on it (many people don't realize that Lure wrote and sang half the Heartbreakers' material), all of which don't miss a beat from the old days. Of particular interest is "Flight," a song that the original Heartbreakers did back in the Richard Hell days. It is a good-time rock & roll classic and it's hard to imagine why it was dropped from the band's set so early on. Also, a Jerry Nolan original, "Countdown Love," sees the light of day for the first time here. Several covers that Lure had been playing for years find their way onto the disc as well. Most notably, "Seven Day Weeked" is pretty much as close as you'll get to a statement of purpose. Ray Charles' "Busted" gets the treatment as well. Lure must be a tough guy because most of the people who play on this are dead. Tony Coiro — dead. Saxman Jamey Heath — dead. Drummer Charlie Sox died before these sessions. Lifelong friends Jerry Nolan and Johnny Thunders — dead. Somehow Lure has maintained his spirit and vision through it all and he's managed to stay alive.
(Geoff Ginsberg)

1 - Cry baby
2 - Love That Kills
3 - Sorry
4 - Seven Day Weekend
5 - Never Get Away
6 - Golden Days
7 - Flight
8 - Count Down Love
9 - Busted
10 - Crazy Little baby
11 - Crazy Bout Your Love
12 - Party Lights

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dimanche 8 février 2009

Johnny Thunders - The Studio Bootlegs

Voici une petite trouvaille qui ravira les fans de Johnny Thunders! Le son est toujours aussi brut, les solos de Johnny vous rentre direct dans les tripes, mais certains diront que les chansons acoustiques font trop hippie.. comme disait Johnny "If you're bored, go home motherfuckers!".

1 - Help The Homeless
2 - Disappointed In You
3 - Children Are People Too
4 - Glory Glory
5 - Familiarity Breeds Contempt
6 - Some Hearts
7 - I Tell The Truth Even When I'm Lying
8 - M.I.A.
9 - Cool Operator
10 - Little Bit Of Whore
11 - London Boys
12 - Subway Train
13 - Chatterbox
14 - I'd Rather Be With The Boys

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samedi 24 janvier 2009

Levi Dexter - Rockabilly Idol

Levi Dexter was born January 28th, 1957, in London, England. Being a native of London and nearby Southend, Levi grew up hearing the roots of rock 'n' roll in the Teddyboy pubs. On a strict diet or 50's Rock 'n' Roll Oldies, Levi was very influenced by Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran, and lists Bill Haley and his Comets as his favorite band. The first rock n' roll concert Levi went to was the Wembley Rock 'n' Roll Festival in 1972 with Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bill Haley and His Comets, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Fury and many other great performers of the 50's era. By 1976, Levi was seen singing guest spots around London and with Teddyboy Bands such as Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, and The Flying Saucers.

1 - Rockabilly Idol
2 - Room To Rock
3 - Note From The South
4 - All Thru The Night
5 - It's The Beat
6 - I'm Gone
7 - Cat Fight
8 - 21 Nights In Jail
9 - The Other Side Of Midnight
10 - Victim Of Cool
11 - I Get So Excited
12 - Let 'Er Roll
13 - Jitterbop Baby
14 - Joint Jumpin'
15 - Just Go Wild Over Rock 'N' Roll
16 - Lolita
17 - Hot 'N' Cold
18 - Lonesome Train
19 - 16 Chicks
20 - Go Go Go
21 - All I Can Do Is Cry
22 - Rip It Up
23 - Slow Down
+ Bonus Songs

Cet album est aujourd'hui quasiment introuvable, ou alors en collector à prix d'or...

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samedi 17 janvier 2009

Demolition 23 - Demolition 23

Line-Up : Michael Monroe : Vocals, Harmonica / Sami Yaffa : Bass / Jay Hening : Guitar / Jimmy Clark : Drums

Demolition 23 was a rock band formed in 1993 in New York by former Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe and ex-Star Star guitarist Jay Hening, following the ending of Monroe's Jerusalem Slim project with Steve Stevens.

Initially Demolition 23 was a covers band playing live shows in New York with Monroe and Hening joined by accomplished session drummer Jimmy Clark. Their shows were notable for guest appearances by music industry friends such as Sebastian Bach and Kory Clarke.

Demolition 23's eponymous debut album was recorded at Power Station Studios in New York City and produced by Little Steven. Monroe's former Hanoi Rocks bandmate Sami Yaffa played bass guitar on the album and the music was a return to Monroe and Yaffa's punk roots with tracks such as Same Shit Different Day, Hammersmith Palais and covers of songs by Johnny Thunders, UK Subs and The Dead Boys. The album was dedicated to the memory of Stiv Bators and released on the Music For Nations label in 1994.

Jay Hening was injured in a road accident in 1994 and after being refused entry to the UK for a tour of Europe was replaced on guitar by Nasty Suicide. With three former members, the touring line-up of Demolition 23 was the closest to a reunion of Hanoi Rocks since that band had split up in 1985. On February 14th, 1995 the former Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy joined Demolition 23 for three songs at Tavastia Club, in Helsinki. That date, despite the 2001 rebirth of Hanoi Rocks, marks the only time that the four surviving members of the classic Hanoi Rocks line up (Monroe-McCoy-Suicide-Yaffa-Razzle) have played together since January 1985.

In March 1995 Nasty Suicide announced his departure from the band much to the surprise of Michael Monroe who then decided to split the band.

1 - Nothin's Alright
2 - Hammersmith Palais
3 - The Scum Lives On
4 - Dysfunctional
5 - Ain't Nothin' To Do
6 - I Wanna Be Loved
7 - You Crucified Me
8 - Same Shit Different Day
9 - Endangered Species
10 - Deadtime Stories

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samedi 10 janvier 2009

The Richmond Sluts - Richmond Sluts

Line-Up : Bass : Chris B / Drums : Brad Artley / Piano & Organ : Justin Lynn / Lead Vocals, Guitar, Add. Percussion : Shea Robert

One trick pony. Les Richmond Sluts sont géniaux… Les Richmond Sluts n'existent plus. Le groupe a splitté peu après cet unique album. Sorti en 2001, ce brulot de 35 minutes demeure aussi vital qu'un "Is This It" ou un "White Blood Cells".

Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll. Richmond, San Francisco est un paradis de junkies, de violence et de débauche. Ces "salopes" donnent une vision sans concession de leur style de vie – de tous leurs contemporains, on ne voit que les Libertines pour rivaliser avec eux sur ce plan. Un aperçu des paroles est révélateur; on a droit à diverses déclarations telles que "I just gotta get high baby tonight", "Got the cocaine blues and I'm looking for some trip", "My baby's addicted to dope", "I dream of death" ou encore "Tight leather pants and your high heels, I'd do anything for that little ass"…

Croisement ideal des New York Dolls (pour le style, les fringues et, forcément, le nom) et des groupes garage sixties (on pense aux Seeds ou à Paul Revere & The Raiders pour l'orgue omniprésent), les Richmond Sluts débordent d'énergie et de classe. Tout est parfait dans ce disque : la pochette d'abord, présentant quatre branleurs menés par un chanteur au charisme inné, la musique ensuite et des morceaux exécutés à 1000 à l'heure par un groupe en état de grâce qui se permet les improvisations les plus renversantes dès le morceau d'ouverture, "Take You Home". Jusqu'au tube final ("Yeah Alright"), les claques s'enchaînent. Dans un monde parfait, ce disque aurait fait un carton… il en avait le potentiel. Dans un monde parfait, les Richmond Slut n'auraient pas splitté devant l'indifférence du monde à leur génie. Ils auront au moins eu le temps d'enregistrer cet album indispensable. Sûr que dans 15 ans on verra leur nom resurgir au gré d'une nouvelle vague rock. Pour l'instant, contentons nous de faire vivre leur musique en partageant le secret le mieux gardé de San Francisco avec le plus de monde possible.
(Bomp 2001)
Source :

1 - Take You Home
2 - Service For The Sick
3 - Drive Me Wild
4 - Junky Queen
5 - Sad City
6 - Contagious
7 - Bittersweet Kiss
8 - Paddy Wagon
9 - City Girls
10 - Thought I Was Dead
11 - Yeah Allright

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vendredi 9 janvier 2009

Dum Dum Boys - Hypnovista

Dum Dum Boys fait penser à du rock'n'roll sous acide, de la pop mêlée à des boucles de sons incongrus... En fait les DDB flirtent un peu avec tous les genres, s'appropriant des ambiances par des instrumentations variées : acoustiques, électroniques, bruitages, samples... Tout est bon à mettre dans la soupe, qui se révèle au final assez surprenante, voire déconcertante. En effet, c'est tellement "touche-à-tout", les pistes explorées sont si étrangères les unes aux autres qu'on se demande à chaque intro si c'est toujours le même groupe. Mais les DDB ont un talent indéniable pour construire leurs morceaux, fouiller les atmosphères et les rendre obsédantes. Et chaque titre est un petit bijou de Pop hallucinée.
Pablo Qa So (Let's Motiv)

Sortie en 1994.

1 - Walking In My Head
2 - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
3 - Rise
4 - White Jazz
5 - Tomorrow Belongs To Me
6 - Sweet Sweet Rain
7 - Elevator
8 - Dreamland
9 - In A Cotton Candy World
10 - Coming Down
11 - I Had It (But I Lost It)
12 - You Just Don't Understand

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Snappin' Boys - Taxi Driver Business

Line-Up : Pierre-Yves : Vocals / Yves : Guitars, Vocals / Charly Markarian : Guitars, Vocals / Nicolas : Bass / Jean-Marc : Drums

Qui se souvient des Snappin' Boys de Vienne? Avant que Robert Lapassade (ex-Killdozer) ne prenne les commandes du groupe, les Snapping Boys existaient déjà en 1983, et ne faisaient pas dans la dentelle. Ce groupe furieux sort en 1985 son 1er mini LP, et à l'écoute, on ne voit pas le temps passer tellement les morceaux sont joués à cent à l'heure! Le 1er morceau "Taxi Driver Business" annonce la couleur..

1 - Taxi Driver Business
2 - Gone Away
3 - 40 Days 40 Nights
4 - You're Always Late
5 - Hey Babe
6 - Pick It Up
7 - Joseph's Love

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jeudi 8 janvier 2009

Roy Loney & The Longshots - Drunkard In The Think Tank

Vous avez dit "Groovies", sir? Voici Roy Loney, 1er chanteur des Flamin' Groovies, qui débaroule avec des morceaux pêchus, parfois bizarres je vous l'accorde, et une rythmique d'enfer. Quelques ballades dans cet album, comme "Five Times A Fool" ou "He Talks To Himself" ne sont pas inutiles car il faut bien se reposer quand on est à bout de souffle! En tout cas, Roy Loney et ses "Longs Tirs" ne sont jamais à court de munitions...

1 - House Of Games
2 - One Track Mind
3 - You Don't Owe Me
4 - He Talks To Himself
5 - Nobody Does It
6 - Doggone Fine
7 - Grapey Wine
8 - Steam
9 - Five Times A Fool
10 - Jennifer Whenever
11 - She's The One
12 - Such A Nice Boy
13 - Hang With Me
14 - Move It Baby
15 - Unoriginal Sin
16 - Let Me Go

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vendredi 2 janvier 2009

Rhythm' Dukes - Rhythm Rockin' Blues

Rhythm' Dukes est une formation de blues à Lyon, qui n'a duré que 6 ans, et qui méritait bien plus de reconnaissance. Angelo Diaz, originaire d'une famille de musiciens latinos à Brooklyn, et leader de Rhythm' Dukes, est accompagné dans ce live à Lyon par Noël Kay à la batterie (Slaughter And The Dogs) et David Forgione à la basse. Les influences du style Chicago blues se font bien ressentir, pas étonnant pour un mec qui a cotoyé Stevie Ray Vaughan ou Jimi Hendrix en tant que Roadie sur les tournées américaines.

1 - First I Look At The Purse
2 - The Devil's Mistress
3 - Amsterdam Blues
4 - Spanish Harlem Way
5 - Passion
6 - I'd Walk 30 Miles
7 - Mid Life Crisis
8 - Boot Hill

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