dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Gang War - Street Fighting

Line-up :
Johnny Thunders - guitar
Wayne Kramer - guitar & vocals
Bobby Thomas - bass
John Morgan - drums

Tracks 1-12: Rock City Montreal, Dec. 28, 1979
Tracks 13-17: Channel Club, Boston June 20, 1980

This record is from far one of the best Johnny T.'s performances I've ever listened to, and of course Wayne Kramer is responsible for that too! The sound is correct, and the set really powerful. "Hey Thanks" is my favorite one.

01 - Ramblin' Rose
02 - London Boys
03 - These Boots Are Made For Walking
04 - M.I.A.
05 - The Harder They Come
06 - Endless Party
07 - I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys
08 - I'll Go Crazy
09 - Hey Thanks
10 - The Courageous Cat
11 - Just Because I'm White/Bright Lights Big City
12 - Around & Around
13 - The Harder They Come
14 - Ten Commandments Of Love
15 - Like A Rolling Stone
16 - Endless Party
17 - Do You Love Me

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  1. Gang War - Street Fighting :

    Link :

  2. Well... I don't think this piece is FROM FAR one of the best Johnny Thunders performance BUT it stay as a REALLY GREAT - and underestimate - one!

    Thanks for sharing...

  3. Thank You for this post !!! I've been looking for Gang War stuff over the past year or so (Since I found Music blogs) This seems to be a different release of a CD/LP issued by Jungle witch I just found last week, same songs, same show different cover. Still I wanna check sound quality against the other...

  4. Gangwar does rock not like I thought, so it is OK plus you weren't so I rocked like Mark Farner and Chase.