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Hollywood Brats - Hollywood Brats

Line-up :
Andrew Matheson - Vocals, Acc. Guitar, Percussion
Casino Steel - Piano, Organ, Acc. Guitar, Vocals
Brady - Guitar, Vocals
Lou Sparks - Drums
Wayne Manor - Bass

In England 1972, the Hollywood Brats were shopping at thrift stores for huge platform boots, feather boas, women's blouses, applying tons of makeup and nail polish and banging out fast paced rockers. Meanwhile over the water The New York Dolls were doing the same. Of course the Dolls went down in history getting all the plaudits and a good record deal with Mercury before royally fucking up. The Brats however got nothing except a record deal with some Mafiosi care of Keith Moon who then refused to release their record. Unsurprisingly the Brats aren't well known except to the punk cognoscenti.
Though aware of the Dolls, the Brats didn't set out to copy them though bands had obvious similarities, visually and sonically. All the songs were written by Matheson and Steel, bar their cover of 'Then He Kissed Me'. In those days a man singing lyrics like those were outrageous.
With no takers The Brats signed the worst possible record deal and recorded an album in 1973. The LP was produced by Matheson and featured only one slow song, 'Drowning Sorrows'. which is a like the Stones doing 'Love In Vain'. The rest of the album was fast rockers. Also on the album was the pre punk classic 'Sick On You.'
(Zigzag No.82 March/April '78)

1 - Chez Maximes
2 - Another School Day
3 - Nightmare
4 - Empty Bottles
5 - Courtesan
6 - The He Kissed Me
7 - Tumble With Me
8 - Zurich 17
9 - Southern Belles
10 - Drowning Sorrows
11 - Sick On You

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