mercredi 11 février 2009

Jack Bon - Live And Acoustic

Enregistré en 2007 au Théâtre de la Citadelle-Bourg par G.G Millet
Mixé au Studio 8PM, Lyon Croix-Rousse.

Jack Bon fait partie de l'un des rares bluesmen français a avoir gardé de l'âme pour la passion du blues et continue constamment à jouer dans les environs lyonnais et en France, qu'il soit seul, avec le power trio Jack Bon Electric Combo ou donne des conférences "Blues Boom" dans les écoles. Ce prodige du blues et ex-guitariste/chanteur du groupe blues-rock Ganafoul, n'a pas dit son dernier mot, et nous replonge en arrière dans les champs de coton avec ce set de reprises dignes de réveiller John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson et Mississippi John Hurt de leurs tombes! Si vous êtes un amateur de blues, réveillez le diable qui est en vous.

1 - Statesboro Blues
2 - Don't Tear My Clothes
3 - Soul Of A Man
4 - Yicky Yicky Yeah
5 - Mad Man Blues
6 - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
7 - Hesitation Blues
8 - You Gotta Move
9 - Cross Road Blues
10 - Drown In My Own Tears
11 - Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee-O-Dee
12 - Malted Milk
13 - Police Dog Blues
14 - Rosalyn
15 - Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor/I'm Satisfied
16 - Bad Moon Rising
17 - Love In Vain
Bonus Tracks/Studio Demos :
18 - Mama Don't
19 - Trouble In Mind
20 - Catfish Blues

Aidez Jack à vivre de sa musique et achetez le cd autoproduit si le coeur vous en dit :

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lundi 9 février 2009

The Waldos - Rent Party

Line-Up : Walter Lure : Guitar, Vocals / Tony Coiro : Bass, Vocals / Joey Pinter : Guitar / Jeff West : Drums

(Also on Sons Of The Dolls blog)

The long awaited Waldos album proved to be a big success, at least artistically. Led by former Heartbreaker co-lead guitarist and co-lead singer Walter Lure, the Waldos tear through a set of tunes that are as much fun as a CD can have with its clothes on. Unfortunately the air of tragedy that surrounds Lure and the Waldos tempers the rock & roll good time. After threatening to put out an album for about six years, this platter finally arrived and exceeded expectations. Produced by Andy Shernoff (Dictators), this is a fully realized piece of work. For lack of a simpler description, think of it as the follow-up (over 15 years later) to the Heartbreakers' LAMF album. Unlike much of the Johnny Thunders solo work, though, this stays firmly in Heartbreakers territory. Rent Party has several "new" Walter Lures tunes on it (many people don't realize that Lure wrote and sang half the Heartbreakers' material), all of which don't miss a beat from the old days. Of particular interest is "Flight," a song that the original Heartbreakers did back in the Richard Hell days. It is a good-time rock & roll classic and it's hard to imagine why it was dropped from the band's set so early on. Also, a Jerry Nolan original, "Countdown Love," sees the light of day for the first time here. Several covers that Lure had been playing for years find their way onto the disc as well. Most notably, "Seven Day Weeked" is pretty much as close as you'll get to a statement of purpose. Ray Charles' "Busted" gets the treatment as well. Lure must be a tough guy because most of the people who play on this are dead. Tony Coiro — dead. Saxman Jamey Heath — dead. Drummer Charlie Sox died before these sessions. Lifelong friends Jerry Nolan and Johnny Thunders — dead. Somehow Lure has maintained his spirit and vision through it all and he's managed to stay alive.
(Geoff Ginsberg)

1 - Cry baby
2 - Love That Kills
3 - Sorry
4 - Seven Day Weekend
5 - Never Get Away
6 - Golden Days
7 - Flight
8 - Count Down Love
9 - Busted
10 - Crazy Little baby
11 - Crazy Bout Your Love
12 - Party Lights

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dimanche 8 février 2009

Johnny Thunders - The Studio Bootlegs

Voici une petite trouvaille qui ravira les fans de Johnny Thunders! Le son est toujours aussi brut, les solos de Johnny vous rentre direct dans les tripes, mais certains diront que les chansons acoustiques font trop hippie.. comme disait Johnny "If you're bored, go home motherfuckers!".

1 - Help The Homeless
2 - Disappointed In You
3 - Children Are People Too
4 - Glory Glory
5 - Familiarity Breeds Contempt
6 - Some Hearts
7 - I Tell The Truth Even When I'm Lying
8 - M.I.A.
9 - Cool Operator
10 - Little Bit Of Whore
11 - London Boys
12 - Subway Train
13 - Chatterbox
14 - I'd Rather Be With The Boys

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