mardi 25 août 2009

The Phantom - Love Me

Line-Up :
Jerry Lott (The Phantom) - Vocals
Frank Holmes - Electric Guitar
Pete McCord - Bass Guitar
H.H. Brooks - Drums
Bill Yates - Piano

Recorded in 1958 at Gulf Coast Studio, Mobile, Alabama.
Master: MB 14019, Issued on Dot 16026.

Aaaarrrgh! Everyone who ever heard about The Phantom a.k.a. Jerry Lott must be very sick in his head! That record is not for soup music fans, it's for rock 'n rollers, people who can dig the magic of the 50's, Eddie Cochran, Charlie Feathers, Dale Hawkins, The Coasters, Sanford Clark, Mickey Hawks.. or even The Cramps (who were out of their time and contributed a lot in making known all those lost, dark & underground tunes).
Found this album thanks to Mean Gene, so have a look to his blog, there is more information about The Phantom, and you can download Jamie Coe's album which is compiled on the same vinyl :

01 - Love Me
02 - Plaything
03 - Too Much Rosita
04 - Tiger
05 - At The Hop
06 - Your Love's Got A Grip On Me
07 - Teenage Cutie
08 - Ever Since I Met Lucy
09 - Twice As Nice

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dimanche 16 août 2009

Bad Losers - Self-Titled LP

Vinyl rip

Line-up :
Kenny Silver - Lead vocals
Mr. T. Jones - Guitar, acid noises
N'Diago Pop - Guitar, guitar 12 strings, backing vocals, synthesizer
Lord Pearl - Bass, backing vocals
Sonny Slowdown - Drums, percussion

Produced by Dave Goodman
Released : 1986

This french glam-rock band is nowadays unfortunately unknown in the music industry, but we don't care because not many people digs rock 'n roll today. On this cover, they sure look like the NY Dolls or Hanoi Rocks, and that's not a coincidence with their music style. Don't take them for copycats or I'll kick your ass!
Many tunes could make you think of the Rolling Stones or Mott The Hoople riffs, and the guitar solos are really influenced by Johnny Thunders... and produced by Dave Goodman (the Sex Pistols sound-engineer) it's not necessarily a bad thing!
Come on guys, let's take a ride on main street, where the people are crazy but the things are emptyyy!!

01 - (Losers) On Main Street
02 - Illusion Of Love
03 - Not Anymore
04 - Evil Sacrifices
05 - Roy
06 - One Of The Boys
07 - Ann Arbor
08 - Prostitution

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vendredi 14 août 2009

Re-Up : The Senders - Do The Sender Thing

Hi folks!
I re-uploaded the Senders live album with a better sound quality (with no buzz this time!).
Here's the link :

Dum Dum Boys - Nothing Means Nothing

Vinyl rip

Here's the first & rare LP of the french Dum Dum Boys, issued in 1988 on Closer Records. This is definitely my fav' DDB album, one of the most raws & rock 'n roll, ideal for a trip party. If you dig the Stooges, the Velvet Underground or the Spacemen 3, get on with it!

01 - Right Away
02 - Fallin' Down
03 - Rave Up!
04 - Sound Of Confusion
05 - Uptight
06 - No Man's Land
07 - Nothing Means Nothing

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