samedi 28 mars 2009

Hollywood Brats - Whatever Happened To The Hollywood Brats

Here's the second (and last album?) of the Hollywood Brats, a great one, but I didn't find any further information. There's still a lot of classical music mixed-up with rock 'n roll, especially in "Borgia Street". "She's Got Class" is one of my favorites, a fast & raw song with a lot of piano parts too.

1 - She's Got Class
2 - Little Ol' Wine Drinker
3 - Drive Mandino Drive
4 - Drowning Sorrows
5 - Suckin' On Suzie
6 - Red Leather
7 - Looking Through The Judas
8 - Trucker's Lament
9 - Borgia Street

Download link in comments.

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  1. Whatever Happened To The Hollywood Brats :

    Download link :

  2. Thanks for adding Dr Faustroll in your blogroll... and welcome to mine.

    A bunch of good rock'n'roll here !

  3. So it does exist!! I've had the first album for 20-odd years and this album has only ever been a rumour!