mercredi 5 mai 2010

Slim Harpo - Sting It Then!

This CD is one of the most flukey and important live-blues documents you can find, rating right up there with B.B. King's Live at the Regal and the live Piano Red material from 1955. Recorded off the P.A. system at a 1961 show at the Sage Armory in Mobile, Alabama, it captures Slim Harpo in his only live concert document. Harpo's vocals are a little pushed back in the resulting recording, but his harmonica is caught really well (check out the playing and the clarity on the slow blues "You Know I Love You"), as are the guitars of Rudolph Richard and James Johnson, Willie "Tomcat" Parker's sax, and Sammy K. Brown's drums. Luckily, there's not much audience noise, so what we get is a close-up look at how the blues legend sounded on stage, doing classics like "I'm a King Bee," "Got Love if You Wants It," "Rainin' in My Heart" (his then-current hit), and songs like "Big Boss Man" and "Boogie Chillun," made famous by others. If the sound were slightly better, this would rate even higher, but any real fan should own this.
01 - Star-Time Announcement    
02 - I'm A King Bee
03 - Buzzin'
04 - I Got Love If You Want It
05 - You Know I Love You
06 - Lottie Mo
07 - Everybody Needs Somebody
08 - Big Boss Man
09 - Hold Me Tenderly
10 - I'll Take Care Of You
11 - Boogie Chillun
12 - Moody Blues
13 - Sugar Coated Love
14 - Star-Time Theme
15 - I'm A King Bee
16 - I Don't Play
17 - I Got Love If You Want It
18 - Little Liza Jane
19 - When The Saints Go Marching In
20 - Rainin' In My Heart 

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