vendredi 14 mai 2010

The Senders - Outrageous & Contagious

One, Two.. you know what to do!
Here's the new compilation of the Senders, which I'm sure will knock you dead! When aficionados of that rhythm 'n' blues band like me got bored to always hear the same recordings, Philippe Marcadé put his turban on & headed to his Ali Baba's rock 'n roll cave dusting his lost treasures. This CD contains a lot of previously unreleased tracks ("The Ritual Dance", "I Feel Stupid", "Fat Face", Fats Domino's "I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday", Shane Kai Ray's "Jungle Talk (I Want Some Of That)", Canned Heat's "Sandy's Blues", Jimmy Reed's "When Girls Do It", Lowell Fulson's "Tollin' Bells", Otis Rush's "Homework"...) and many tunes from the first EP's, singles and later albums + two great tracks featuring Johnny Thunders on studio & live @ Max's Kansas City.

I tell you, it's the one that'll make a bald man tear his hair!

Tracklist :

01 - You Really Piss Me Off
02 - The Ritual Dance
03 - Devil Shooting Dice
04 - I'm Gonna Be A Wheel
05 - Baby Glows In The Dark
06 - Don't F*** With Me
07 - Do The Do
08 - When I Die I'll Be A Ghost
09 - I Feel Stupid
10 - I Want Some Of That
11 - Homework
12 - Don't Mind Me
13 - Crazy Date
14 - Sixth Street
15 - Sandy's Blues
16 - Fat Face
17 - When Girls Do It
18 - It's Raining
19 - I Feel So Bad
20 - Tolling Bells
21 - On The Ferris Wheel
22 - No More Fooling Me
23 - The Living End (With Johnny Thunders)
24 - Daddy Rolling Stone (With Johnny Thunders)

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4 commentaires:

  1. is there a download link for this?

  2. No, this a promo for the new Senders CD!
    You know, the band members are still alive, so it's cool when you're not a big famous artist to earn a little bit your living with the CD's sales..