jeudi 25 février 2010

Bob McFadden & Dor - Songs Our Mummy Taught Us

Robert "Bob" McFadden (19 January 1923 — 7 January 2000) was a singer and voiceover actor best known for his many contributions to animated cartoons. His best known characters were Milton the Monster, Cool McCool, and the ThunderCats' Snarf. In cereal commercials, he played Franken Berry and others.
McFadden was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and was in the United States Navy in World War II when he got his start as a singer and impressionist. He went on to do an opening act for the likes of Harry Belafonte in Pittsburgh where he worked at a steel mill. McFadden continued in this vein for years until a move to New York in the mid 1960s, which resulted in a great deal of voice-over work in commercials and animation. In the late 1950s he collaborated with Rod McKuen on a single entitled "The Mummy", the "B" side "The Beat Generation" parodied the then-emerging literary community of the name; on this record, McKuen used the pseudonym "Dor" and later claimed that Bill Haley & His Comets were the band used for the recording session, though this has not been confirmed. McFadden and McKuen also released a full-length album in 1959 called "Songs Our Mummy Taught Us" (Brunswick 54056). In 1963, McFadden released the parody album "Fast, Fast Relief From TV Commercials" (Audio Fidelity AFSD 6112).
He lived in Leonia, New Jersey. McFadden continued to work until the late 1980s, when poor health put him into retirement. He died in Delray Beach, Florida in 2000, twelve days before he would have turned 77.

01 - The Mummy
02 - The Shreik Of Agony (Shreik Of Agony-Cha Cha Cha)
03 - Shake, Rattle And Roll
04 - I Dig You Baby
05 - Frankie And Igor At A Rock And Roll Party
06 - Noisy Village
07 - Son Of The Mummy
08 - More Sing Along With The Mummy
09 - Bingo
10 - The Children Cross The Bridge/Inter/Colonel Bogey March
11 - The Beat Generation
12 - The Beverly Hills Telephone Directory Cha Cha Cha

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  2. Excellent, merci je ne connaissais pas :o)

  3. Amazing how so many songs that you see cropping up on various 50s/60s comps ("Swing For A Crime" for example) all come from this one record....