lundi 20 juin 2011

Los Peyotes - ¡Cavernicola!

Pablo Bam Bam - Drums and Screams
Rolando Bruno - Lead Fuzz Guitar and Screams
David Peyote - Vocals, Guitar and Maracas
J.R Lemons - Farfisa Organ and Screams
Oscar Hechomierda - Bass and Screams

Aloha from hell, freaks & cavewomen! To prove that the "The Boogie Disease" blog & I are not dead, I'm back after a long silence with this sublime 2005 CD called "¡Cavernicola!" by Los Peyotes! For those who like to wander into the vaults of garage music and headbang to the sounds of The Sonics, The Staggers, Wau Y Los Aaargghs & especially Los Saicos, you're on the right way to the dirty land!

These primitive argentinian/peruvian guys wearing silly bones necklaces & playing on a typical 60's garage backline are full of hate, love, peyote (who knows?), gazoline & fuzz!

What makes the difference with this album, is that each single song's got its own mood, kind of beat, so you can't be bored at first listen... on the contrary, you always want more kicks in the butt!
Maybe my favorite one remains the fabulous Sonic's tune "The Witch", played a hundred miles an hour, and wilder than any covers you might have ever heard!

So, keep on screaming, jumping & beware of the ceiling...

01 - I Caveman And You
02 - Fuego
03 - Cry Baby
04 - Mocker
05 - Satanic Rite
06 - El Humo Te Hace Mal
07 - When I Arrive
08 - Jack The Ripper
09 - Te Pegaré
10 - The Brotherhood
11 - I Don't Mind
12 - The Witch
13 - Scream!

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  1. Los Peyotes - ¡Cavernicola! :

    Download link :

  2. Viva la Boogie Disease!

    I love the Sonics and Los Saicos (and all that Back From The Grave style rock). Thanks!

  3. Someone who loves Back From The Grave compilations sure gotta have good taste! Cheers from France!

  4. I think those Back From The Grave records changed my life! The covers of "Jack The Ripper" and "Scream" on here are great.

    I've recently been ripping all my old CDs onto my computer so I can listen on my iPod, and I was driving myself crazy because I couldn't find The Gories' cover of "Stormy" that Jesters Of Newport sang on Back From The Grave 5. I KNEW it existed, but couldn't find it on any of my Gories CDs! Finally I remembered that it must have only been on the vinyl version of Outta Here, which I don't have anymore. I love Crypt Records, but they drive me crazy with their different bonus songs for vinyl and CD! They did it with the Devil Dogs and New Bomb Turks, too!

    I guess this is the same Los Peyotes that's on the Their Hispanic Majesty's Request EP? That's some good stuff. I just saw Davila 666 a couple months ago, and they put on an amazing live show.

    Anyway, thanks again for such a cool blog!

  5. Where have you been all this time? Hopefully, playing your harp!