mardi 13 avril 2010

James Booker - Gonzo: More Than All The 45s

Numerous discs are available featuring the eccentric and tragic New Orleans R&B pianist James Booker usually performing solo, recorded during live gigs from the 1970s and early '80s. This disc provides an amazing collection of the earliest Booker on piano and organ backed by a full band.
Booker made his recording debut in 1954 with the Imperial single "Doing the Hambone," backed with "Thinking About My Baby." During the next few years he would release equally exciting, although sporadic, singles on Chess, Ace, Peacock, and Duke, supported by some of New Orleans finest R&B musicians, including the sax section of Lee Allen, Robert Parker, and Red Tyler, drummer Earl Palmer, and bassist Frank Fields.
The 1956 Chess singles "You're Near Me" and "Heavenly Angel" find Booker paired up on doo wop vocal duets with Arthur Booker (no relation). The remaining tracks are scorching dance numbers tied in with novelty/twist themes with catchy names such as "Teenage Rock," "Gonzo" (providing a national hit), "Cool Turkey," "The Duck," "The Crown," and "Beale Street Popeye."
This is exceptional New Orleans R&B that provides an important piece of the James Booker musical puzzle... Even french singer Nino Ferrer used to dig James Booker by turning the song "Big Nick" into a lyrical version called "Les Cornichons"!

01 -  Doing The Hambone
02 - Thinking About My Baby
03 - You're Near Me
04 - Heavenly Angel
05 - Teenage Rock
06 - Gonzo
07 - Cool Turkey
08 - Smacksie
09 - Kinda Happy
10 - Tubby Part 1
11 - Tubby Part 2
12 - Cross My Heart
13 - Big Nick
14 - Beale Street Popeye
15 - Memphis Twist
16 - The Duck
17 - The Crown

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