lundi 18 janvier 2010

Lonesome Sundown - I'm A Mojo Man

Lonesome Sundown (his real name was Cornelius Green) had a little bit more Delta and Chicago blues in him than most of his Louisiana labelmates who recorded for producer J.D. Miller. Not that Sundown's sound isn't solidly in the so-called swamp blues tradition, but where Slim Harpo, Silas Hogan, and the other Excello artists worked from a laconic, Jimmy Reed-like shuffle, Sundown quickened the pace (at least for an Excello act) to a nastier level, and with Miller's reverb-laden production, ended up sounding a little bit like Jimmy Reed on speed, particularly on tracks like "Don't Go." Not that Lonesome Sundown couldn't do the patented Louisiana blues shuffle when he chose to, as his signature tune, "I'm A Mojo Man," shows, or even improve on the pattern, as with the loose-limbed and brilliant "I'm A Samplin' Man," but he seemed most at home doing more standard blues fare like the modern-sounding "My Home Is A Prison." This collection from Ace Records essentially reproduces the same set that is available from Excello Records, only with a different running order. Although Sundown made a comeback of sorts with a mid-'70s album from Alligator Records, these Excello sides are the ones you need.

1 - Gonna Stick To You Baby
2 - I'm A Mojo Man
3 - I Stood By
4 - Don't Go
5 - Lonely Lonely Me
6 - You Know I Love You
7 - Learn To Treat Me Better
8 - Lonesome Lonely Blues
9 - I'm Glad She's Mine
10 - Sundown Blues
11 - My Home Ain't Here
12 - What You Wanna Do For It
13 - I Woke Up Cryin' (Oh What A Dream)
14 - When I Had I Didn't Need (Now I Need, Don't Have A Dime)
15 - I'm A Samplin' Man
16 - Hoo Doo Woman Blues
17 - It's Easy When You Know How
18 - I Got A Broken Heart
19 - Don't Say A Word
20 - Lost Without Love
21 - Leave My Money Alone
22 - My Home Is A Prison
23 - Lonesome Whistler

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  2. hi,
    i knew the 3 excellent 'legendary jay miller sessions' on 'flyright' thx for this 'excello', your blog is a gold mine.
    (mediafire still sucks, track 9 is corrupted...)

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