mercredi 20 janvier 2010

Ike Turner - 1958-1959

(Also known as "King Cobra : The Chicago Sessions")

Ever the hustler, Ike Turner found himself picking up some extra money on a road trip through Chicago recording for Cobra Records both as a bandleader and sideman. After contributing the sparkle to several Otis Rush classics (an alternate of one of them, "Keep On Loving Me Baby" is found here) and some early Buddy Guy sides, Ike Turner also recorded a handful of sides, scant few of them seeing release until now. This CD collects them all up, including surviving alternate versions, and is a delightful fly on the wall invite to a 1950's Chicago blues session.
A rare gem & must-have for all fans of R&B!

01 - Matchbox (Version B)
02 - (I Know) You Don't Love Me
03 - You Keep On Worrying Me
04 - Box Top
05 - I'm Gonna Forget About You
06 - Down And Out
07 - You've Got To Lose
08 - Walking Down The Aisle
09 - Matchbox (Version B) [Alternate Take]
10 - Tell Me Darling
11 - I'll Weep No More
12 - Keep On Lovin' Me Baby [Alternate Take]
13 - (I Know) You Don't Love Me [Alternate Take]
14 - You Keep On Worrying Me [Alternate Take]
15 - I'm Gonna Forget About You [Alternate Take]
16 - You've Got To Lose [Alternate Take]
17 - Walking Down The Aisle [Alternate Take]
18 - Tell Me Darling [Alternate Take]
19 - I'll Weep No More [Alternate Take]
20 - Matchbox (Version A)

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