samedi 28 mars 2009

Hollywood Brats - Whatever Happened To The Hollywood Brats

Here's the second (and last album?) of the Hollywood Brats, a great one, but I didn't find any further information. There's still a lot of classical music mixed-up with rock 'n roll, especially in "Borgia Street". "She's Got Class" is one of my favorites, a fast & raw song with a lot of piano parts too.

1 - She's Got Class
2 - Little Ol' Wine Drinker
3 - Drive Mandino Drive
4 - Drowning Sorrows
5 - Suckin' On Suzie
6 - Red Leather
7 - Looking Through The Judas
8 - Trucker's Lament
9 - Borgia Street

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Hollywood Brats - Hollywood Brats

Line-up :
Andrew Matheson - Vocals, Acc. Guitar, Percussion
Casino Steel - Piano, Organ, Acc. Guitar, Vocals
Brady - Guitar, Vocals
Lou Sparks - Drums
Wayne Manor - Bass

In England 1972, the Hollywood Brats were shopping at thrift stores for huge platform boots, feather boas, women's blouses, applying tons of makeup and nail polish and banging out fast paced rockers. Meanwhile over the water The New York Dolls were doing the same. Of course the Dolls went down in history getting all the plaudits and a good record deal with Mercury before royally fucking up. The Brats however got nothing except a record deal with some Mafiosi care of Keith Moon who then refused to release their record. Unsurprisingly the Brats aren't well known except to the punk cognoscenti.
Though aware of the Dolls, the Brats didn't set out to copy them though bands had obvious similarities, visually and sonically. All the songs were written by Matheson and Steel, bar their cover of 'Then He Kissed Me'. In those days a man singing lyrics like those were outrageous.
With no takers The Brats signed the worst possible record deal and recorded an album in 1973. The LP was produced by Matheson and featured only one slow song, 'Drowning Sorrows'. which is a like the Stones doing 'Love In Vain'. The rest of the album was fast rockers. Also on the album was the pre punk classic 'Sick On You.'
(Zigzag No.82 March/April '78)

1 - Chez Maximes
2 - Another School Day
3 - Nightmare
4 - Empty Bottles
5 - Courtesan
6 - The He Kissed Me
7 - Tumble With Me
8 - Zurich 17
9 - Southern Belles
10 - Drowning Sorrows
11 - Sick On You

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The Raunch Hands - Learn To Whap-A-Dang

Line-Up :
Michael Chandler - vocals
Michael Tchang - guitar
Michael Mariconda - guitar
George Sulley - bass
Vince Brnicevic - drums

No matter how far rock music has strayed from its basic roots, there comes a time in every era and scene when audience attention rushes back to the pure and driving sounds of blues and rockabilly. This group came along at just such a time and place. No matter how rococo various private and underground clubs in New York City's East Village were, and no matter how far out some other bands were getting, the Raunch Hands brought back a roots approach that was well received, and extremely refreshing. Musically, there is nothing the least bit new in a single note played by this group. That apparently was the whole idea, but one of the attractive elements of the group is that it goes for the entertaining, goofy side of this style of music rather than trying to project the deadpan, ultra-serious image of roots rockers in plaid shirts. Live, the group went for cheap equipment and the type of ambience that has never been transferred successfully from the barroom to the recording studio, let alone to the larger venues that might be part of a band's upwardly mobile career path. Thus, the recorded legacy has to be taken as a distant second to the live experience of seeing this group on-stage. Learn to Whap-a-Dang With the Raunch Hands is, overall, one of the group's most consistent recorded efforts. The humorous cover art adds to the enjoyment of an album that rocks hard pretty much all the way through, not so much peaking in this highlight or that but providing nary a letdown, either. The rhythm section of bassist George Sulley and drummer Vince Brinicevic is excellent.
(Eugene Chadbourne)

1 - What Yer Doin'
2 - Getcha Some
3 - Chicken Scratch
4 - Blackjack
5 - Kangaroo Juice
6 - Thunderbird
7 - Whap-A-Dang
8 - Country Fair
9 - Exotic
10 - Is It True
11 - Chicken Of The Sea
12 - Upset Her

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lundi 16 mars 2009

Flamin' Groovies - Live In Bordeaux 1995

Line-Up : Chris Wilson : Guitar, Vocals / Daniel Jeanrenaud : Bass, Vocals / James Ferrell : Guitar / Danny Mihm : Drums

Voici une perle rare des Flamin' Groovies qui séduira tous les fans, un super bootleg live avec Daniel Jeanrenaud, chanteur-guitariste des Kingsnakes qui accompagne les anciens Groovies et ne se gêne pas à chanter dès que l'esprit Chuck Berry fait surface, tel que sur "No Particular Place To Go", "Georgette" ou "Married Woman".
Quant aux Groovies, j'imagine qu'ils ont dû foutre une dérouillée au public bordelais digne de se faire payer une caisse de vin rouge!
Keep on groovin' kids!

1 - Teenage Head
2 - 7 And 7 Is
3 - Stop Breakin' Down
4 - Shake Some Action
5 - Baby Please Don't Go
6 - Phantom Mover
7 - Down The Road Apiece
8 - Not Nice
9 - Milkcow Blues
10 - No Particular Place To Go
11 - Georgette
12 - Slow Death
13 - Jumpin' In The Night
14 - Married Woman/What A Thrill
15 - Jumpin' Jack Flash
16 - Roadhouse

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